About Us

About Anmol Shrusti

Anmol Shrusti, established in 1991, started off as a thread of Agarshans Construction Limited, who pioneered the industry of organised realty in the city of Chennai back in 1970. Alok Kumar Gulechha, the Director, who started this company in a small room, since then has built this company, brick by brick to what it is now. Today, we are happy to have provided a home for over 300 families and constructed over 650000 sqft of land for residential and commercial purposes.

Our foundation is primarily built on our customer’s trust and their satisfaction. We are able to move forward only with the trust they continue to place in us. Apart from the customers, Anmol Shrusti also acknowledges and is grateful to every employee who has worked day and night with us and contributed to our success.


Our primary objective here at Anmol Shrusti is providing not only a house, but a home for our customers. We believe that this can be achieved only by keeping the customers interests in our business attitudes as our first priority. Alongside, we also ensure the growth and welfare of every individual and organisation associated with us.

The company deems it a duty to go out of its path in living up to the standards of expectation of all those who choose to repose their faith and confidence in us by opening up for them various vistas of opportunities to establish and enhance their entities.

Thus, our mission is simple. Unlike most companies, our goal isn’t for us to reach the highest construction targets or profits. This however does not reduce the quality or effort we put in to our work. We humbly intend to provide the best services to our customers. Their satisfaction is and always will be our highest reward.

Working of Anmol Shrusti

We at Anmol Shrusti strive to work harder and enhance our performance with every project.

  • Promotion and development of property - both individually as well as in conjugation with others in the firm of joint ventures for commercial and residential projects.
  • Project development- the company develops and undertakes civil construction assignments for large sized projects from the stage of inception up to handing over on turn key basis.
  • Sale of land- the company also involves itself in the outright sale of property